Nanbanum – Nanum

Its in thanglish <mind it>


pin-varum kavidhai kirukalai risk eduthu padikkavum

tension vandhal control seiyavum

pheelings vandhal ..sendhu pheel sei-yavum

paditha-pin mudindhal marakkavum


THALAIPU :Nanbanum – Nanum


cutting adika azhai-than .. side dish thinna sendren ..

sightu adithu tirindhan …  nanum udavi seidhen ..

aalum set seidhan ..   kala kitta po en-dren ..

frienship-i vetti uttan .. iyarkai endru-irundhen

kalyanathil azhaitan … saapitta-pin sendru vazthinen

Pinbu orumurai parthu .. yengiyo pathuruken endran … adikka edhuvum kidai-kaadha-dhal mannithu vitten

kutti pottu adharku jetti pottan … complete man endru compliment pannen

Eppadi irundhalum … Avan en Nanbaen!


Say Saree to mom

  • Blog post result of mother’s day effect
While at college after winning a random  paper presentation contest and more importantly winning some cash  (read as self made money),  a boy was wondering what to do with the cash. Cliche, it is to get something for parents. Putting ice to parents is part of the child’s policy :).  While for dad, hand kerchief is good enough,  mom definitely needs something spectacular. Else it  can result in internal family politics.

The boy din’t have to think too hard, given his expertise in choice of gifts (as duly sworn by friends) . Saree is the answer! Bang came the mother of all confusions, what material of the zillions available, what colors from the infinite that exist. The boy has had related domain expertise in choosing saree from young age for mom and helping her to come out of the grand confusion of most women in choosing between the final two selected pieces.  Other experiences include shopping with friends who are girls, to help them come out of the same confusion to choose between “THE TWO”. Except that the choice of the loyal friends would be choosing  the one, not chosen by the boy. The boy was however happy that he influenced the decision making  😀

The easier thing to do is take mom for shopping, but that would spoil the surprise, which is more important part of the gift. So the boy decided to dig his memory to identify an appropriate, more recent conversation of mom related to the domain and picked up a saree from the heap of available saree stack in the closet (of course, secretively).  The boy felt peace, solving half of the NP complete problem. Choice of the “kind” of saree is done. The other half is the harder part of the problem. Color color, what color do you choose.

After running to one of the best malls in town along with the “sample saree”, the boy went to the appropriate section. He had come up with a algorithm to choose the color of the saree that is a function of potential liking and suitability to mom, non-availability of similar color, not different enough  shade from the one’s that already exist etc … Eventually not withstanding the confusions created by the algorithm, the boy  choose the saree with his gut.

Surprise surprise to the mom. Lucky it was a huge hit. Most neighbor and family knew about the gift and boy instantaneously became combination of “chamathu and Nalla paiyan”.  The boy was thinking, if i knew of such possible result … “why din’t i do this before?” . He then passed the experience to his other friends and they also became “chamathu and nalla pasanga”. The chamathu pasanga then went for a saraku party to celebrate :p (idhu konjam build up)

Not to mention, from that time on, any occasion,  sometimes no occasion/reason, the gift was “saree”.  After getting first salary, while working at banglore, the boy in fact took mom to mysore for a fun trip and got her a mysore silk saree < how thoughtful 😉 >


  • It might be cliche, but do something for parents. Putting ice to parents is part of the child’s policy 🙂
  • Mom needs more ice than dad. At least it should appear so.
  • No matter how full the closet is, women/girls still love clothes.
  • Infinite clothes will break down to choice between the TWO and will result in more confusion in choosing between the “TWO”.
  • Any number of girls put together will still be confused to choose between the “TWO”
  • Combination of  “Chamathu and Nalla paiyan” might be easy to get, hard to keep.
  • Now that mothers day is over, go fight with your mom <suttufied/lifted line>


  • If you wanna gift your mom, now you know what to do.
  • It is not about the saree or the cost, it is about the feeling that you give your mom, you care for her and she means a lot to you.
  • Extra points if it helps her to brag about it, in her “mommy network”
  • Mom only person with whom u can be unreasonable and get away with, every time.
  • Mom, if you are reading this, even though mother’s day is over still  Love you.


  • Any resemblance of the boy to the author is purposefully coincidental

ASES Stanford Summit 2011

  • Then i was a wannapreneur, Now here i am, running my own startup in Robotics .. On track 🙂

Speaking @ TEDxVelammal

  • TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
  • TEDx is of the same spirit as organised locally.
  • Speaking at TEDxVelammal
  • Sharing “what i made Robots learn and what i learnt from Robots”
  • Robotics has truly transformed me 🙂 and i will be sharing my story with Robots.
  • Date : Feb 6th, 2011, Sunday
  • Event is from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Buses will be provided from the city if you want to attend
  • You can register @
  • The talks should be available live at

Stud Max talk by Madhankarki on lyrics engineering

  • Awesome talk by Madankarki on lyrics engineering @ TEDxYouth
  • He is the right guy for the right job bridging Technology and Tamil
  • andru > Varthai vara kathirukum kavigyan illaya ..
    ini> Varthai vandu kathirukkum software illaya 🙂
  • This truly is a great service to Tamil


  • Shared an interesting animated conversation on Enthiran movie, Robotics, Technology.
  • Have become a fan of  Madhankarki ..  facebook  page is here

Got quoted in TOI 13 nov 2010

  • Got quoted in TOI 13 nov 2010 for F4
  • F4 is Face to Face with FaceBook Friends. Its an awesome meet up, high on EQ and AQ.
  • Join F4 here
  • Feel free to join in.
  • Next week is silver jubilee week 🙂


ASES India Regional Summit

  • ASES reginal Summit at IIT Madras.
  • Main event happens at Stanford University. I attended the same in 2008. It was a great learning experience.
  • Memories and Lessons are here .
  • Event is First time in India. Amazing event. Fantastic coverage.  Folks @ IITM are working hard to make it GRAND and Successful.
  • If you or your company want  sponsorship related details, please contact organisers