ASES Stanford Summit 2011

  • Then i was a wannapreneur, Now here i am, running my own startup in Robotics .. On track 🙂

Speaking @ TEDxVelammal

  • TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
  • TEDx is of the same spirit as organised locally.
  • Speaking at TEDxVelammal
  • Sharing “what i made Robots learn and what i learnt from Robots”
  • Robotics has truly transformed me 🙂 and i will be sharing my story with Robots.
  • Date : Feb 6th, 2011, Sunday
  • Event is from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Buses will be provided from the city if you want to attend
  • You can register @
  • The talks should be available live at

TEDxYouth – Brilliant


  • The attendees also included significant number of students from schools and college. This to me is something to smile about.
  • One of the objectives for any generation is to mentor the GenNext and feed them with inspiration and information to achieve more significant things. I am sure TEDxYouth is a brilliant step in that direction.
  • Honored that i was nominated as TEDxYouth STAR .. enjoyed being there

First prize at IIM A, B-Plan competition

  • Our Team Amrita came frist at IIM A B-Plan competition and can potentially get incubated at IIM A
  • Our concept is a health gadget to improve primary health (like infant mortality, maternal mortality inwhich India is very ver poor)
  • This helps people in remote villages who have to travel long from their place and leave daily job/ pay for primary health care.
  • We want to extend this to different levels of medical care including tele medicine.
  • The team is fantastic with Doctors of Stanley Medical College and engineers from IITM and NIT.
  • The project also got Govt funding to make the gadget and do pilot in two villages arnd 100 km from chennai.
  • The impact factor is gratifying.
  • The video also reflects the actual poor state of  health care infrastructure, as pitched by one of the doctors of our team.
  • Our team.
  • One important suggestion to folks. Get a good team … rest will follow.
  • Once a  VC (Venture Capitalist) told me.  Idea is like chariot and Team is like horses. Success is when the chariot reaches its destination. The chariot might be fantastic but if the horses are not up to the mark, it may not be able to take  the chariot to its destination. But if the horses are good success is more probable even for less fantastic chariot.

Hands On Robotics Workshop @ Aurora College

  • Conducted One day Robotics Workshop @ Aurora College, Hyderabad
  • Actually i was occupied with my current project commitments and was(is) working my ass off! But I agreed to do the workshop some six months back and had to keep my word.
  • I was glad about doing the workshop …. Gave me some change and some sleep time during the travel. Most importantly interacting with students  recharged me.
  • The organizers had done a great job and the hospitality was fantastic.
  • Helped the students make their first robot and got them introduced to robotics concepts and career around robotics.
  • There were students from CSE,ECE, EEE, Mech, Statistic.
  • Floored by their response and felt almost a rockstar!
  • Enthused them to try robotics for fun as hobby if not seriously.
  • Robotics is a beautiful thing. It is like music or dance and is lot of fun and improves IMAGINATION which is more important than Knowledge as said  by Einstein.
  • Wanna conduct Robotics workshop more often. I need to consciously dedicate some time to share and teach the fun around robotics.
  • (Atleast) Once in life make a Robot.`

A small action can make us feel NICE and that is all we need :)

  • I was driving in my two wheeler ( as usual in a hurry ).
  • Got stuck near an important signal in koyambedu ( Chennai, India . One of the high dense traffic areas). Though there was a space to move forward vehicles couldn’t move to the front.
  • The problem was that few big cement block used to control traffic had fallen out of place and caused extra traffic jam.
  • I managed to traverse through the traffic and move front (using an unpublished AI algorithm) near the signal and i had to stop.( It was a stop sign )
  • I was thinking,  shouldn’t the cement block be put back to its place.
  • Then suddenly, i dont know how it happened. A guy like me suddenly got off his bike and  lifted the cement block and pushed back to its place. The vehicles started moving forward.
  • The cement block was heavy. Well, i know this coz  the guy who looked like me was me.
  • I could see lot of people surprised and smiling. One fellow inside a car nearby actually clapped.
  • It may not be a great act of courage or achievement, yet it made me feel nicer about me. And that is all we need 🙂
  • I recollect this Lead India film which is par excellence. You should watch it whenever you feel you can’t make a difference to the world. All of us can. It doesn’t matter how much. It only matter if we choose to do or don’t.
  • Whenever required, i identify myself with the kid and motivate myself 😉