ASES Stanford Summit 2011

  • Then i was a wannapreneur, Now here i am, running my own startup in Robotics .. On track πŸ™‚ student partner

  • are looking for student partner groups who can help us to promote robotics/embedded system and in your college and outside your college.
Roles of th student partners
  • – Co-ordinating in organizing Robotics workshop in college
  • – Co-ordinate student activities related to robotics/ embedded systems in college
  • – Promotion of in college and facebook/twitter/blog
  • – Marketing support for with nearby colleges and schools

Student Benefits

  • – Discounted / Free registration for the robotics workshop conducted in your college
  • – Special Robotics workshop for the student partners for the high performance student partners
  • – Special consultation for the mini projects/ final year project for the student partner groups
  • – Certificates for the student partner, recognizing the work which will provide a distinct value addition in the resume
Student Partner group
  • – 5 students
  • – Encourage student group consisting of students from atleast two different departments
  • (eg 3 students from CSE, 2 students from EEE or 2 from CSE, 2 from EEE, 1 from ECE)
How To
  • Download poster from here (right click and download)
  • Print and put poster on the college noticeboard
  • Take a picture and post it on the facebook page
  • – Refer friend from another college for student partner group
  • – Coordinate in conducting a robotics workshop your college.
  • – Mail your contact details of the group with subject “imakerobots student partner” and “<your college name>” to
  • Mention ( Name, Email, College, Branch, Batch (year of study), mobile number)
  • You can also mention how you can help promote
> will decide on the student group for the college
Details regarding robotics workshop are available here (right click and download)
The workshop can be conducted in your college anytime during semester, during the symposiums and during the summer holidays.

TEDxVelammal Talk

  • Enjoyed speaking @ TEDxVelammal on what i learnt from robots πŸ™‚
  • Had shown a cockroach like robot and a real cockroach in other hand and compared them πŸ˜€
  • The organizers had given an awesome memento just after we finished the talk. Neat work πŸ™‚
  • Mashing up my story with robots and life lessons working with them
  • spoke from heart whatever i planned ..
  • When students give a big smile, get autograph, have to believe they enjoyed the talk πŸ™‚
  • Other speakers  were overwhelmingly good and kind enough to appreciate mine. Took a lot of motivation from them.

Speaking @ TEDxVelammal

  • TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
  • TEDx is of the same spirit as organised locally.
  • Speaking at TEDxVelammal
  • Sharing “what i made Robots learn and what i learnt from Robots”
  • Robotics has truly transformed me πŸ™‚ and i will be sharing my story with Robots.
  • Date : Feb 6th, 2011, Sunday
  • Event is from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Buses will be provided from the city if you want to attend
  • You can register @
  • The talks should be available live at

Promotion @ BIL Conference

BIL conference was awesome with fab speakers. Enjoyed the talk

Promoted Robotics and my StartUp with the students

We have a series of science project/ learning kits  for the school students

Mini projects and Final Year project kits for college students

Hoping these kits will give hands on fun learning with students

Also promoted Robotics workshop series with students. More details on the workshop

Took one of light weight humanoid robots and many other set of robots  for promoting.

If you need more details shoot a mail to contact[at]


Stud Max talk by Madhankarki on lyrics engineering

  • Awesome talk by Madankarki on lyrics engineering @ TEDxYouth
  • He is the right guy for the right job bridging Technology and Tamil
  • andru > Varthai vara kathirukum kavigyan illaya ..
    ini> Varthai vandu kathirukkum software illaya πŸ™‚
  • This truly is a great service to Tamil


  • Shared an interesting animated conversation on Enthiran movie, Robotics, Technology.
  • Have become a fan of  Madhankarki ..  facebook  page is here

TEDxYouth – Brilliant


  • The attendees also included significant number of students from schools and college. This to me is something to smile about.
  • One of the objectives for any generation is to mentor the GenNext and feed them with inspiration and information to achieve more significant things. I am sure TEDxYouth is a brilliant step in that direction.
  • Honored that i was nominated as TEDxYouth STAR .. enjoyed being there

Got quoted in TOI 13 nov 2010

  • Got quoted in TOI 13 nov 2010 for F4
  • F4 is Face to Face with FaceBook Friends. Its an awesome meet up, high on EQ and AQ.
  • Join F4 here
  • Feel free to join in.
  • Next week is silver jubilee week πŸ™‚


IEEE IROS 2010 Robotics Conference

  • Awesome conference. amazing experience. Well organised.
  • Had a wonderful time presenting πŸ™‚
  • Heartwarming that people came back to say my research work will help their research. This is what any researcher wants.
  • Got to meet with academicians, industry and Robot show.
  • Check out pics here
  • Glimpse of talk here.