Managed to execute the script in a record two and half days including editing, rerecording,background score …. [ of course without sleep;) ]

Once the script was ready , i was sure it will be entertaining …. the background music adds lot of value to the script….

There were couple of scenes referring my advisor and my research topic ;) … i was little scratchy abt it ……

My advisor Dr.Ravindran . , having a funny bone, even suggested couple of ideas which came out well …..

The input for this short film includes hard work of loads of ppl . Janardhan had done a great work with camera and equaled my time of being awake ….. Arun had acted well in the last scene and constantly pushed me to take the film. Ramakrishna and vishwanath came up with good background score. Tushar been pushing me though he was in Banglore. Vednath helped out in large scale.

All the characters were very co-operative and were enthusiastic … The star cast of the kid gave us some nice time. ( though it took six hours to get his call sheet )

We had some good planning and did the re recording then and there… we carried the laptop and recorded the dialog of each of them syncing with the video …. Though i owned most of the T shirts and came up with a story on it … we used beg borrow steal technique to get others…..

In the end when we saw the video …… it was worth all the pain we took!

Besides i always wanted to convey the message …. especially to me!

9 thoughts on “My_Short_Films

  1. Haha … When you are in IIT Madras …. Thats definitely not a problem …. This was shot outside my hostel room …
    With the menace and animation monkey groups orchestrate … A short movie can be made on them 🙂

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