BANKING ROBOT (In collaboration with PolarisFT)

TabBot ~ Telepresence robot using Android Tab / iPAD

Intelligent Telepresence Robot ~ imakerobots

Humanoid Robot ~ 6 Feet ~ Mugamoodi (Tamil) / Mask(Telugu)

Robo Fingers ~ Affordable, light weight Robotic Prosthetics


Simple Animatronics

Robo Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi story 😉


  • Robotics @ RISE Lab, CSE, IIT Madras.

BEAM Robots, Picker Robot, MoBo ( Mobile Robot ) design & Control, Robot control, communication & synchronization ( Robo Dance ), Robotic Wheelchair, Transfer Learning across heterogeneous robots ( robots with different action models ) simulation in Player/Stage, Simulation in Gazebo.

  • MoBo –  Mobile RoBo


  • Developed from scratch
  • Onborad computer and Control Through Parallel Port
  • Control from server though Bluetooth
  • 60 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
  • 360* rotation in a given spot with low footprint
  • Load of ~15 KG
  • Speed 5 – 10 m per minute depending on load, input power etc
  • 2 to 4 % error on straight line movement.
  • 180* sweeping Ultrasound sensor ( range 3 meters )‏
  • MoBo – Design & Control
  • Robot control, communication & synchronization ( Robo Dance )
  • Robotic Wheelchair
  • Transfer learning across heterogeneous Robots ( Robots with different action models )
  • LOL aswell as happy on being nick named RoboBalaji in my undergrad  “Velammal Engineering College”, Madras University, 2000-2004.
  • HuBo ( Humanoid RoBo )


  • Team of eight members. Duration (March 2003 – March 2004).
  • Cost of Appx Rs 40,000. ($ 1000) . Rs 20,000 sponsored by Undergrad  School, Velammal Engineering College.
  • Design and development of Humanoid (6 feet)- a human simulation built with geared DC motors for movement of head, shoulder, hands, hip, leg (7 motors in all).
  • The Humanoid can be automated for performing specific movements and can be controlled using the keyboard. The humanoid robot can also be automated and controlled through internet.
  • The humanoid robot can imitate the movement of human arm with accuracy. IR based sensor unit built to track the movement of human hand on a sensor platform.
  • The direction and magnitude from the sensor unit are decoded and the appropriate signals are sent to the corresponding motor of the Robot. The movement performed by the human can also be stored for future operation.
  • The Humanoid robot can be controlled using WAP enabled mobile phone over the internet through a web server.
  • SECOND PRIZE (Rs 30,000) for project presentation at Techkriti – National Level Technical Event IIT- Kanpur, February 2004.
  • This was not just a robotic project. It was absolute roller coaster experience. From getting funding fromV(E)C, bootstapping ( read as burning ) cash, going around administration, fighting with the management, paining the team mates + consultants, nightouts, midnight food, early morning bonda+ coffee, loss of personal life, weight loss, saluting night patrol police, working from metal cutting, bending, welding, electrical, electronics, programming, perseverance, teamwork, patience, emotions, intelligence, hardwork, excitement, timing, passion, thinking out of the box, 100+ bills,40,000+ investments,failures, bursting tears,support of friends, foolishness that the project is possible 🙂 and finally the prize @ IIT Kanpur+30,000 cash. It is definitely a life time experience. Forall those who were involved, Thanx a million. Special Thanx to team mates Karthick , Skanda, Syed, Vinod, Arul, Krishna Chaitanya, Avinash. I could possibly write a book on the entire roller coaster experience





  • Dr.B.Ravindran , Assistant Professor, CSE, IIT Madras. ( My Advisor / Guide ) (Read as Friend, Philosopher, Guide)
  • Student interns @ RISE Lab  from NITs [Left to Right: Avinash, Pradyot, Me, Varun Lee, Imran, Shiva ]


  • Mansimar Aneja (Player/Stage, Gazebo)
  • Anirudh MTech, CSE, IIT Madras


  • Open House, Shaastra 2008


Lazy about uploading more ……….

14 thoughts on “MyRobots

  1. hi! you came to my school today.the robots were that i like the helicopter very much.. but you didnt demonstrate the human robot…………………..i also likes doing robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hi i attended ur workshop at iit ,u told dat the source code will be there on ur blog ….i am unable to find it

  3. hi i attended ur workshop at vellore ,u told dat the source code will be there on ur blog ….i am unable to find it can send dat2 my mail id r send code detail also likes doing robots

  4. Hello sir i attended ur oneday workshop at C.Abdul hakeem college,vellore , plz plz send the source code sir bcoz i cant able to demonstrate others without source code…!

  5. Iam the student of abdul hakeem colloge……….
    I was participated in robotics workshop which was conducted by the EEE Department………

    I am having that robot ………. but i don’t known how to work that………
    you told that you will give the software(basic c program coding)….. but i searched i your website, i didn’t found that ……

    can you sent me that program coding to work my robot, please……………

    please sent to my e-mail as soon as possible……

    Have a nice day………..

  6. Dear Sir,i m very much inspired by you and i wants to work as you do..i want to prepare a robot which will collect ball rolling down ramp and throw them to pits present at corners….can you suggest me any short and simple mechanism to do this without use of microcontrollers.

  7. Hello sir I’m doing aeronautical engineering ,
    I need some help in programming for obstacle avoidance for my project
    Help me to code for a basic autopilot system

  8. Hello Sir,

    I attended your 2 days workshop at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

    I am completely devoted towards robotics, and want to work further in this field. I started making small robots from the very beginning of my college.

    I was seeking opportunities (if any) to work with you and to enhance my robotics skills as well…

    I was seeking if you could help me out in this…

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