TEDx Talk on New Age of Robotics and AI

Glad to speak at #TEDxRMKEC on The new age of Robotics and AI. Here is link to the talk
https://youtu.be/Jot8dhaZH2E #TEDxRMKEC

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

Long story short :

Are you willing to commit flexible 50 hours in a year to make a change? Pitch with ideas, coordinate, develop software, design etc. May be if possible commit Rs5000 in a year (You can decide if and how you want to use it) . Please fill the form


This is an emotional post, will try my best to keep it short.


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  • Koi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banna padta hai. You must be the change you wish to see in the world
  • During many discussions with friends and family, have had similar discussion comparing state of affairs in India. More often, i hear hopelessness. Kuch nahi hone wala!
  • Often there are comparisons made between India and USA, Singapore, China, Europe etc etc [ I find it comparing apples and oranges. You can disagree though]
  • I have always felt, given the state India was when British left and 100+ years of being colonized, given the most complex diversity of language, religion, caste, legacy issues, given the complex political, democartic system, India is most complex and has magically become what it is today while many other similar countries have not done as well. (Yes, there are many issues that need to be fixed).
  • People are entitled to their views. My view is, i find it unfortunate somehow many educated, well settled people often feel that paying taxes is enough and it is job of government to fix everything. And thanks to the system, it is not up to pace resulting in grumbling and saying “Kuch nahi hone wala! “
  • Not trying to be preachy, but India is where it is because many people have contributed beyond just paying taxes. Though there is no obligation, it is joy and opportunity to contribute more than just paying taxes.
  •  Though i/we have been doing things on and off, eg.  $99 affordable robotic finger, 3D moulded footwear, robotic workshops etc.
  • There is a need to be more organized, more focused community driven approach.
  • I am sure organized 50 people who can commit 50 hours a year for 5 years, can make a reasonable difference in whatever way. At least, it will be more than paying taxes or feeling patriotic only on Independence day.


Pic Credit : KaatuPoochi

If you willing to commit 50 hours in a year to make a change? Pitch with ideas, coordinate, develop software, design, support others etc. May be if possible commit Rs5000 in a year (You can decide if and how you want to use it). Please fill the form


Speaking at #AdvantageOdisha2017 INFOCOM The Telegraph event

  • #AdvantageOdisha2017 INFOCOM The Telegraph event in Bhubaneswar, 10th March, on Impact of Digitization and Robotics on employment.
  • Inaugurated by Honorable CM, Navin Patnaik
  • Digitization and Robotization is definitely going to revolutionize the industry. Correction, already revolutionizing the industry and how employment is driven.
  • Skilling the people accordingly is important.
  • If you have any points on the topic comment below.
  • Interesting and stellar speakers. Here is link to the event http://www.indiainfocom.com/index/event_details/infocom—the-telegraph-advantage-odisha-2017

Beautiful protest #SupportJallikattu #MarinaProtest ~ First hand report

< 3 min read>

Beautiful protest is when spontaneous, self-organised youth do a peaceful, non-shouting, sit-in, all night protest, importantly not threatened by the authorities. This is the way protest must happen ~ Beautiful protest ( protesters and authorities are at peaceful equilibrium)

3am In Marina beach right now  to show solidarity #SupportJallikattu #MarinaProtest Spontaneous young crowd average age less than 30. Non-violent protest #WeWantJallikattu .. Police not stopping people coming to venue.


Police made arrangements for vehicle parking. Protesters were helping traffic movement. Self-barricaded. Food and water arrangements made, cleaned the garbage. Some protesters taking rest sleeping in the beach, grass, road.

4.30am #Marinaprotest #SupportJallikattu Crowd gathered self-organised. No unwanted shouting. Police also doing good job not threatening the crowd. Police tried to negotiate ending protest. Crowd peacefully saying #WeWantJallikattu In all credit to police/ authorities, they din’t give signs of aggression though some part of the crowd very worried, some others were ready for it.


Met with the Domino’s Pizza India Chennai Kodambakkam team who came directly after their night shift ( worked with same set of folks during#ChennaiFloods) Amazing folks. <Respect>  Glad some of my students (now graduated) , those who attended my robotics workshop also turned up.


5.30am #Marinaprotest #SupportJallikattu People have started coming for walking, jogging 😀#SupportJallikattu Police not stopping those who are joining, coming into the venue for the protest sit-in. 


Proud of chennai youth. Self-regulated, peaceful yet determined crowd. All night 5000+ folks. More power to them.  Excellent non threatening conduct by the police/authorities.

Beautiful protest ( protesters and authorities are at peaceful equilibrium)