• I have huge craze and collection of  BOOkS ….
  • Most of them are Self  iMprovement, Business, Strategy, Biography, Case Studies and fun stories.
  • I invest lost in them …. both my money and time.
  • I have a huge collection and every time i enter a book shop, i am out with at least a couple of books.
  • Some times its like i have a mini library and people keep borrowing … and recently i have introduced library cards 😛 [ read as restricted access ]
  • I think i have been polluting people by sharing my books and not encouraging them to buy.  Hence i have stopped sharing books ( for the record )
  • There has been a HUGE transformation in my way of thinking becaus of reading these books and this is one more thing that Dil maange More !


  • The Life Plan –  700 simple ways to change your life for the better – Robert Ashton
  • My BIG iDea – 30 successful entrepreneurs on how they found inspiration – Rachel Bridge


  • Cut to the chase ( 3 times ) – Stuart R Levine
  • The Alchemist
  • Monk who sold his Ferrari
  • 7 habits of highly effective people
  • 5.Someone ( 3 times )
  • One night at call center ( 2 times )
  • Love Story ( 3 times )
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad ( 2 times )
  • iCON
  • iWOZ
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull ( 3 times )
  • Execution
  • ABCD book in LKG ( 50 times )

( will update soon )


Too long to fill …. will update soon

NEED TO BUY( You can suggest me some)

9 thoughts on “My_Books

  1. My BIG iDea – 30 successful entrepreneurs on how they ound inspiration – Rachel Bridge

    u missed a F(they ound) in the this part of the line line…. [:P]

  2. I am Mohamed ali(working as a engineer in tata groups). Thanks for the book list u gave. I have read aleady only i have to read few books.
    I want to become an entrepreneur its my childhood desire hence already started preparing me towards it.

  3. You can try this book “Connect the dots ” by rashmi bansal. This book about 20 indian entrepreneurs

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