What the one and only Rajinikanth means to me

My little piece on Thalaivar Rajinikanth for RedKite Magazine http://www.myredkite.in/ <Love the graphics work by the team in the pic>

The name Rajinikanth evokes emotions with a surge of blood for his fans. Be his style, screen presence, mass appeal, simplicity off screen.

For me Rajinikanth embodies an inspiring life story of a bus conductor following his passion, pursuing his dreams, fighting against all odds to become the one and only superstar. While people might be awed by his current status, I am amazed by his persistence during the struggling days taking up smaller roles and working his way up, one film at a time. It is not overnight meteoric rise. It has been years and years of struggle with indomitable spirit which made him who he is. It’s a great story to look up to, for generations and generations to come.

As a technologist and roboticist in particular, I couldn’t stop raving about Rajinikanth’s stylish portrayal of both scientist and robot in "Enthiran" movie. He is single most important reason to evangelize robotics that my onnu vita paati also knows about robot. Whenever I talk to students on robotics, invoking his name brings their attention. He has made scientists look cool and science sexy.

Rajinikanth’s most important impact has been his demonstration on how to handle success even when it is sky high. His humility reminds the society that the greatness of a man is the content of his character inside and not the grandeur reflected outside. It is an important lesson for the humanity at large. He is the only superstar who can amaze the audience with unassuming simplicity. As the countless fans will vouch, there is nothing that Rajini can’t!

தமிழ் ~ நிலை என்ன?

  • Heard about a heartwrenching story few weeks back and it was constantly running through my mind.
  • Its about an experienced Tamil teacher, barely making ends meet, had to go through bypass surgery. He had borrowed and had got the surgery done. But economics caught up, pretty quickly.
  • Some old student heard about the same and posted in whatsapp group of his school batchmates.
  • The ex-students were able to raise some money, whatever they could and are giving it to the Tamil teacher.
  • I am one of those students and Tamil teacher taught me in 4th grade.
  • This Tamil teacher was also my speech writer for the first memorable inter school oratory competition on “Freedom”, i guess during 4th or 5th grade. I participated and won, parroting his lines. I distinctly remember the words ” இரும்பு கூண்டில் அடைக்கப்பட்டாலும், தங்க கூண்டில் அடைக்கப்பட்டாலும் , கிளிக்கு அது தண்டனை தான்”
  • Tamil teachers besides the writers, poets and artists are among the main torchbearers of the language. It is unfortunate to see the economic stagnation of the propagators of Tamil language.
  • Teachers are unfortunately one of the underpaid communities and i hope it improves in future.
  • I only wish, being a teacher especially tamil teacher, is not an economic தண்டனை!


[Pic Courtesy: Internet ]

Drone delivery ~ Reality or a Marketing Gimmick?

  • First we heard of drone based delivery AMAZON PRIME (Sounds similar to Optimus Prime ) and created huge buzz across the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98BIu9dpwHU
  • Fantastic marketing and eye balls for Amazon

Technology challenges with Drone based delivery

  • Smooth landing ~ Irrespective of what you might see in the neatly edited video, smooth landing of drones without manually control in unstructured terrain is still a challenge
  • GPS ~ Location of dropping with the accuracy of GPS
  • Obstacle avoiding ~ Avoiding environmental obstacles is a challenge ( Have broken drones banging on wall )
  • Ambush avoiding ~ Anti drones might become an interesting hobby 😀

Legal and Social Challenges

  • Regulations ~ Huge challenge. Imagine thousands of drones flying around and if they fall and hurt people or cause damage. Policy framing will be a challenge.
  • Warranty ~ If drone fails to deliver, who pays for it?
  • Trust ~ Would you trust drones to deliver high value items? ( say an iPhone)

Where drone delivery might work in near future

  • Military ~ Drones dropping ammo to the soldiers in conflict zone
  • Medical ~ Drones might drop urgent medical items when absolutely necessary

Neverless, the idea of drones delivery did generate enough buzz for Amazon and also to a little known Pizza Centre in Mumbai ( Now being investigated by Mumbai Police) http://www.uasvision.com/2014/05/26/mumbai-police-investigate-pizza-delivery-by-quadcopter/

What do you think?