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This is [ ctrl+C, ctrl+V from Facebook ]

I suggest you should really reconsider reading about me!
However, Here you are. Pray GOD before you start !

Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any definite confusions (like i have ) resulting on reading ( and possible scratching of head and breaking of monitor ) and if my awesomeness blinds you :p .
[Hehe..Konjam Overa iruko. Adjust panni mela padinga ]

Woo..Welcome to the Real Me! It might be hard to describe myself, little weird,fairly embarassing and braggy too.Anyways here i am shameless,all yours to know and understand(if u can).

I am a Libran of highest degreee. I dont know how it happed but it happened anyway that i have realized that i am not single entity. I will try to explain as simple as possible!

I am Balaji = w1*(B1)+w2*(B2).
w1, w2 are weights (between 0 and 1 inclusive).
w1 and w2 depend primarily on the environmental variables all that i can imagine and also loosely on preceding state of me (of course this means recursion) which again depends on many variables .

B1( Balaji1) and B2(Balaji2) are kinda opposite yet complementary Balajis who are made of characteristics some of which i understand, few others i dont but can be estimated (possibly) based on past self estimation samples.
B1 is my outer self. B2 is my inner self.

B1 and B2 in the words of Balaji ( = w1*B1+w2*B2 ). B1’s description outside, B2’s description inside []

Driven by Heart [Driven by Brain]
Ever friendly [Affable but not ever friendly]
Super enthusiastic [Enthusiatic]
Optimist [Realist]
Play Play Play [Work Work Work]
Naturally Stupid [Artificially Intelligent]
Funny with good sense of humour. [Fun but not Funny]
Extremely caring [caring]
Always there [There when needed even when not called]
Possesive [Gives people their personal space]
Dreamer [Doer]
Crazy [Responsible]
Chilling [Always Thinking]
Confused [Clear]
Intuitive [Logical]
Creative [Innovative]
Talkative [Listener]
More personal [Professional]
Has time for everyone and everything [Has time for things that interests only]
Belives in Luck also [Belives in Hard work only]
Impulsive [Sustainability conscious]
Mostly Modest [Little Arrogant]
Gives unconditionally [demands for what he gives though not in equal proportion]
Feels he has lots of freinds [Knows eveyone is on their own]
acts dumb [knows he is dumb]
Vaalu paiyan[Chamathu pullai]

Can draw parallel to
Chandler Bing in “friends” [Balian in kingdom of heaven]
Aamir khan in DilChataHai [Sanjay Ramasamy in Gajini]

B1 takes more weight (remember w1?) when people are around me.[B2 takes more weight (w2) when iam alone]

B1 feels his life’s purpose is to “entertain” people even if it means at his cost. [B2 feels his life’s purpose is to create a better world which is serious stuff]
B1 is higly talkative in the name of entertaining people [B2 focuses on work and information]
B1 thinks time and space is infinite. [B2 knows time and space is limited and need to be put to effective use]
B1 would say ” What ? i need to improve?” B2 would say ” There is always scope for improvement”.

I am my worst critic and best admirer. Sometimes underestimate myself and sometimes think too much of myself. When am thinking, am having a discussion.

I cannot be happy without B1 and cannot survive or succeed without B2.
B2 is invisible behind B1.

Simple Principles i follow:
#It is not who we are but what we Dream and Do that defines us
#Life is complete only with sense of humour.Need to be serious, but not always.
#It is our responsibility to spread smiles and create a better world.

#Life is a ROLLERCOASTER. Experience and Live every bit of it. (Ups,Downs,Slow,Speed,Happiness,Tears,Luv,Fight,Success,Failure,Stochasticity,EVERYTHING) 🙂

#Do you think i will get impressed by reading this?
@Nan Nallavan nu sonna namba va poreenga
#About me Kaari tuppara madiri iruku
@ Idha..idha than edir paarthen!
#Nee tirundhave maatiya
@Enna idhu sirupullathanama iruku, NO!

6 thoughts on “AboutMe ~Informal

  1. After last viewer’s comments on May 2013, I am the one who read about you and commenting. Nice to know a lil abt u. To know more, can i get in touch with you in person? Myself Rajesh. got our link from LIN. sent invite, then went to google..found ur blog…It may be weird for you and u might be thinking why an unknown person wants to befriend u.

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