Beautiful protest #SupportJallikattu #MarinaProtest ~ First hand report

< 3 min read>

Beautiful protest is when spontaneous, self-organised youth do a peaceful, non-shouting, sit-in, all night protest, importantly not threatened by the authorities. This is the way protest must happen ~ Beautiful protest ( protesters and authorities are at peaceful equilibrium)

3am In Marina beach right now  to show solidarity #SupportJallikattu #MarinaProtest Spontaneous young crowd average age less than 30. Non-violent protest #WeWantJallikattu .. Police not stopping people coming to venue.


Police made arrangements for vehicle parking. Protesters were helping traffic movement. Self-barricaded. Food and water arrangements made, cleaned the garbage. Some protesters taking rest sleeping in the beach, grass, road.

4.30am #Marinaprotest #SupportJallikattu Crowd gathered self-organised. No unwanted shouting. Police also doing good job not threatening the crowd. Police tried to negotiate ending protest. Crowd peacefully saying #WeWantJallikattu In all credit to police/ authorities, they din’t give signs of aggression though some part of the crowd very worried, some others were ready for it.


Met with the Domino’s Pizza India Chennai Kodambakkam team who came directly after their night shift ( worked with same set of folks during#ChennaiFloods) Amazing folks. <Respect>  Glad some of my students (now graduated) , those who attended my robotics workshop also turned up.


5.30am #Marinaprotest #SupportJallikattu People have started coming for walking, jogging 😀#SupportJallikattu Police not stopping those who are joining, coming into the venue for the protest sit-in. 


Proud of chennai youth. Self-regulated, peaceful yet determined crowd. All night 5000+ folks. More power to them.  Excellent non threatening conduct by the police/authorities.

Beautiful protest ( protesters and authorities are at peaceful equilibrium)

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