In support of Anna Hazare and JanLokpal

  • If you have suddenly come to the world .. here is Anna Hazare fighting for Jan Lokpal .. ABout him
  • I am sooper impressed with the lokpal system, especially look at what it had done in karnataka
  • Wish its there on national scale and in every state.
  • What got missed by the government for 42 yrs, glad its finally happening now
  • The government accepting the joint panel is a stud victory for the people, Thanx to Anna Hazare, media, social media
  • There have also been cynics of the movement and the lokpal bill. Glad government dint listen to them. When they get affected by corruption more seriously they will know.
  • Its normally the common man who has been waiting for the Govt schemes to reach him, worst affected by corruption.
  • There have been articles and opinions against janlokpal, its system and implementation. We should leave the opinion to themselves.
  • Had a long debate in facebook post in support of bill.

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