Tele-Talk Tuesday

  • Been wanting to take this forward for long .. Need to start somewhere!

What is this?

  • Spend time over telephonic call to discuss/ mentor students weekly. I give suggestions and not advice. Will not follow up or beat you up if you din’t follow.
  • Every Tuesday 10 pm to 11 pm starting 22 march 2011

What topics?

  • Robotics, Entrepreneurship,  career, stress counselling
  • Choose a topic if you think i can help. my profile is here
  • I would like to keep bull shit off the topic. I have friends to discuss in detail about :p

Why am i doing this?

1) Saving myself

  • I often get emails asking ” I want to work in Robotics. Please Help” .. “I want to StartUp, help” “I want to be successful, i don’t know what to do” .. I find these toughest questions to answer …  “If you need help, you can’t be vague!” … However, sometimes makes me feel little guilty for not responding ..  but its hard to reply to such mails and follow up and hence i am compelled to disobey myself!
  • Some students know partially what they want and mail with abstract. This is a good thing.  I have some questions for them, besides the answers … this again becomes a thread, which is hard to follow up, given the pile of other mails. Taking a telephone call makes everything easy.
  • I get calls when i cannot take it or cannot take time to listen and answer. Blame me!

2) I was novice, clueless and talking to people helped. It still helps 🙂 Want to return the favor.

3) I shamelessly want some publicity for my startup and

4) I feel it is a nice thing to do and like to do it.


  • Send mail to contact[at] Mention your details Name, About You (college, branch, year etc), contact number, Topic.
  • Try to be less vague.  But i empathetically understand, people don’t know what they want until they find the thing they actually want.  Its OK to say .. “i want to do a project in robotics, wireless computer controlled Robot, dunno how to start and hence shooting mail. “
  • I will save your number and intimate when to call between 10pm and 11 pm.  We should ideally keep the call 5 to 10  minutes.
  • Will try to keep it regularly Every Tuesday 10 pm to 11 pm
  • SPECIAL encouragement slots for non city and poor students
  • Some students are poor enough not to have prepaid money in mobile to call or have to use friend’s mobile ( yes they do! I have called them back during conversations when the balance went zap) ..  Mention if you fall into the category and want me to call.  (I assume people have some basic ethics)


  • Will try to cover all those who want to talk over multiple weeks.
  • I may not take the calls of students who have not mailed before. Random calls are not encouraged.
  • Will try to post in blog regarding some of the topics discussed.
  • Hope the initiative is useful to students.
  • I hope and assume i will not get into any trouble for taking the initiative.
  • Any suggestions welcome

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