Got Quoted in Hindu Education Plus

  • No clue of e-word to Robotics startup. Thats me. Got quoted in hindu education plus
  • Back in undergrad college most of us were left with two options. Post Graduation or Work. Entrepreneurship was GRE word.
  • There was no exposure to e-word, very few that we knew who started up, no initiatives from college. We thought grey haired or (almost) zero haired people can only start companies and requires huge investments.
  • Glad that things have changed.
  • Many or i should say most students are thinking of entrepreneurship.
  • There is great exposure to startups, many unconferences conducted, startup culture encouraged in colleges through e-cells.
  • A significant ground work has been done by National Entrepreneurship Network (NeN), a non-profit organisation founded by the Wadhwani Foundation, to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  • I remember members of NEN, relentlessly going around colleges to educate them to start e-cells. They also followed up in startup meets like open coffee club, proto etc.
  • The market and Web has also matured.
  • Any country to consistently progress needs Entrepreneurs everywhere.
  • Hindu Education Plus does have a good reach. Been getting calls to support in Robotics, invitation to collaborate even from outside Tamil Nadu.
  • I have no idea how i got smitten by startup bug. Am glad i started up Geeky Technology & Consulting and making  telepresence robot for a client.
  • Dont just work for someone for the whole life. Startup atleast once in your only life.


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