Quoted @ Hindu BusinessLine Newspaper

  • Got quoted in Hindu Business Line when they covered Open Coffee Club Chennai. See  here 
  • Some free marketing for Balaji Laksmanan(That’s Me) and my StartUp Geeky Technology & Consulting along with OCC Chennai.
  • Just like i have shared in Business Line “With members sharing real-time solutions for several practical problems in business, most of my queries get clarified and the people here are my inspiration” , its a good forum to observe and learn from people with entrepreneurship vibe.
  • I still remember attending the first ever OCC Chennai two years back. I reached outside the venue and was wondering if i should go in. I was just an enthu student from IIT Madras who had little idea why i was there. I decided to walk in and am thankful for it.
  • OCC often has a mix of folks who are experienced entrepreneurs, Investors, those who have just started up, wanna be entrepreneurs, students and folks with little idea why they are there.
  • Gives a good opportunity to observe, network and learn from the group.
  • How has OCC helped me
    • Many friends with  whom i brainstorm, share, collaborate.
    • Better understanding of the business and corporate world and know hows of starting up.
    • Additional reason to be selected to attend entrepreneurship summit @ Stanford and partial sponsor for my travel to attend the summit. Check here for my sponsors and here for what i learnt from summit.
    • Most importantly, help me to transform from wanna be entrepreneur to someone who had Started UP.
  • And during OCC Chennai meet up for June 2009, i was co host and was happy to contribute more. Had fun interacting with wanna be entrepreneurs/students, who reminded of me when i first attended OCC 🙂
  • Feel free to buzz me if you wanna chit chat about your current/future StartUp.

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