ASES Stanford Summit 2008 – Memories and Lessons

  • ASES Stanford Summit happens April, every year  @ Stanford, CA and i was really lucky and excited to have got the opportunity to attend 2008 summit.
  • Stanford  which i regard as epicenter of entrepreneurship was fantastic and i fell in love at the first sight. This is my third love @ first sight. The first two being “Computer” when i was in fourth grade and ASIMO ( yes the robot ) when i was in undergrad college.
  • The summit was “fun”tastic roller coaster ride and only experiencing it can tell what it is and definitely not words.
  • The planning and execution of the summit is a revelation by itself and standing ovation to the organizing team.
  • The interesting thing is that it is a completely student driven international event.
  • Its birth came about when couple of folks sitting in a room at Stanford were discussing what they can do to Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. It should be simply unbelievable. Will makes us wonder what are we doing for the World!
  • Lots of Thanx and lots of love to all those made it happen.
  • I have made a short movie on the memories and lessons @ Stanford Summit 2008
  • This is just the tip of the ice burg.
  • Why am i doing this now after a year?
  • Wanna revisit all the wonderful moments, inspiring talks, company trips, discussion, pitching, dancing esp to a bangra number 😉 , dinners, outings, San Francisco trip and boat ride, wonderful farewell with lots of warmth, hugs, tears and lots and lots of snaps.
  • The whole event was a fantastic balance of serious business of entrepreneurship as well as living the other life. This is the way conferences need to be organized.
  • What has it done to me?
  • I have taken up Entrepreneurship more seriously.
  • Research life ( in Robotics and Machine Learning ) has been hectic and productive with  international publications and few robots.
  • Have started up Geeky Technology & Consulting. Applied for a patent and been working on prototyping the product at the pace of tortoise.
  • I will be into it  full time after my graduation. Thanks to ASES and our own e-cell at IIT Madras for the boost.
  • Secretly planning for MBA at Stanford by 2011 . You can secretly contact me if you can help about it. Coffee / Beer guaranteed.
  • Life has never been the same ever since.
  • It was worth taking the autographs and messages of everyone. I definitely see some of us becoming collaborators in time to come.
ases signature

ases signature

  • Behind the scene, there were hardships of making it to the summit, from the passport issues, funding, flight ticket tension to making the summit video ( which took extreme perseverance of withstanding 20+ crashes of windows movie maker) and lot of planning and time.
  • After all, it was worth it, made me stronger and opened lots of  opportunities. That is all that matters 🙂

5 thoughts on “ASES Stanford Summit 2008 – Memories and Lessons

  1. Its really nice that i know u personally. Im so proud of u, balaji. All the best for ur great journey ahead.

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