who is in the picture?

  • Who is in the Picture?
  • I conducted a small survey …..
  • Some of the funny answers i got …
  • Most of them who took a guess said Tom Cruise …But  why is he posing with an apple? Ads or Environmental message? 
  • I gave a hint … what strikes you when i say apple? One funny answer ” Newton?”  !
  • Few got it right … Its Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Inc, the company that pioneered in personal computer. I dunno, how many know that!
  • Steve Jobs? Like TimesJobs …. job portal guy? [ This is cooked up joke ]
  • He is The most admired CEO on the planet “earth”.
  • I am a BIG BIG BIG fan of Steve Jobs and mesmerised by his leadership, resilience and persona đź™‚
  • Read iCON . It is one of the must read books.
  • Watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. Its an  inspiring, hilarious and mesmerizing documentary on the story of Apple and Microsoft, how Steve Jobs and Bill gates emerged. Dont miss “how Bill Gates sold his unowned Operating System to IBM”, described by Steve Balmer (actor) . If you haven’t seen it, you are already outdated. However you can still recover. If you dont in the next one week … Find a good wall, bang your head.
  • Life will never be the same, after you watch Pirates of Silicon Valley.  Guranteed!
  • The funky products by Apple include the immortal iPOD and innovative iPhone.
  • What have i done with the “Apple” thing . Well … Its complicated .. i can explain !
  • Here i am making a VC pitch along with our team on an iPhone app, that can potentially make $10million profit in 2 years with a $500,000 investment.  Any takers?
  • Courtesy:Steve Jobs snap – WWW. Me- Photographer who took this pic during a presentation @ Stanford as part of Entrepreneurship Summit, Organisers and all the wonderful people i met during Stanford Entrpreneurship Summit, April 2008.   2009  Stanford Entrepreneurship Summit is coming up.

2 thoughts on “who is in the picture?

  1. That Steve Jobs is unknown to many is a little dis-heartening. I am sure every single mac fanboi has seen that pic before..And all the best with the iphone prod.

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