Need help with retrieving outlook data from windows mobile

Had problems with syncing my windows mobile ( HTC Touch ) data

After a while ( read as after one month ) tried to sync the mobile with the computer

I reinstalled the outlook and MS active sync and so lost my data in computer as the data was still there in my mobile

To set up the sync i had deleted previous partnership with the computer in my mobile

I was wondering why it took long time to delete the partnership

Found out that all the associated outlook data ( Contacts, calender, tasks ) have all been wiped out of the mobile 😦

In state of shock having lost 1000+ contact info, schedules and task which ran till 2025 to make myself next {(Bill Gates+Steve Jobs)/2}. { I mean in their league }

However all is not lost … I have all the other  files. They are safe. The word, xl, notes etc and i have a recent backup for them.

Nevertheless, the loss is loss!
Help me if you know how to retrieve the data …
Atleast go and take a back up of all your most important data! NOW!

I have developed the natural ability to screw my things and make it difficult for me, well ahead of my peers 🙂

The process should train me better and i always remind myself, it could have been worse.  The eternal optimist in me always knows to cheer me UP!
I think, i just gifted myself a NEW beginning.  Sometimes its good to start from scratch ( the head). Thankz  Balz 😛

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