Finding a LAb – Story

  • I had to go to a lab in EEE department at IIT Madras and i had to know how to reach it.
  • I called up my friend in EEE department to get the direction.

Me: Hey Dude .. how have you been?

EEE Friend:  I am all the same from last evening we met near canteen ( the one near  Girls Hostel ). Cut the crap .. what do u want  ?

Me: Ok … I have to go to Neural Networks  Lab in EEE dept ….  Need some help.

EEE Friend: Well … You are a reinforcement learning guy … You should be able to reach the lab with no knowledge and infact blinding yourself ( with no eyes )

Me: I need state perception

EEE Friend: Ok .. keep the eyes but you know I am from Image processing Lab !

Me:  I definitely can eventually reach the Neural Networks Lab without your help  .. But my aim is to reach there faster.  And as i am working on Transfer Learning which aims to solve a task faster using the knowledge from solving similar task …..  though you are from some other lab and i assume you have been visiting your lab a number of times. I also know your lab is near Neural Networks Lab .. so,  i could use some of your  knowledge.

EEE Friend:  Ok,  Now that i am accepted as knowledgeable,  i will help you. I will give you a sequence of  labs starting from the EEE building entrance to Neural Networks Lab.

Me: That should be enough for me to reach Neural Networks  Lab faster and i have proved it  theoretically 😀

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