Mumbai attack – Attack in the heart !

  • Ohhhh .. My …. GOD !
  • I am completely traumatized, stuck, blown …. by the mumbai attacks …
  • Got a feel of how US 9/11 would have been for the people of US ….
  • Unimaginable …. The entire country had been left in state of shock ….
  • Was completely addicted to the web for checking the status of the attack and hoping every minute that it will end.
  • For every refresh of the page, the death toll kept increasing and number of blasts also increased.
  • This had completely exposed the state of country…..
  • This is not a wake up call ….. It a HEART ATTACK  …..  Reminds us the prevailing condition across the country
  • How 10 kids with a little training can strike a billion population…
  • The damage has been done  ….. We have been given a shock treatment
  • Kudos to the NSG, army, staff, police , people who handled the situation and prevented a massacre of higher degree…
  • Good to see people who have bounced back to the streets – Hats Off ….
  • To all terrorist and fundaMENTALIST — FCUK OFF!
  • Much needed reason for all Indians and in fact the world to UNITE against Terror

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