Moment of Truth

  • I duuno if this was destined to happen .. may be it was.
  • I was in a hurry and effortlessly  driving through the traffic near Saidapet on my Yamaha RX 135.
  • One of my regular “poondhu poondhu” driving  / dodging through the traffic with a nominal ( relative to me ) speed.
  • Couple of thoughts about some problems in my life was threading in my mind.
  • Suddenly there was a boy before of me  in the road. He should be appx 13 years of age.
  • He was riding a bi-cycle and struggling to pedal it.
  • He was completely blocking the road and I was frustrated to slow down, blissfully, scolding him in my mind.
  • Just the time i was doing this, i saw two plastic pots filled with water in the carrier of the cycle. This what apparently made the boy to struggle pedaling the bi-cycle.
  • After having crossed the boy, i pulled over by the side of the road, having stuck by the moment of truth.
  • Here i am, riding my bike, frustrated for having to slow down my speed because of a boy, almost half my age, pedaling a cycle bigger than him with two heavy pots of water ( most likely for his family ).
  • I had realised again how lucky i am and reminded myself of what i should do for having been blessed with the it.
  • This is a touching experience, i will remember all my life.

2 thoughts on “Moment of Truth

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