Missing my Leg

No … i dint meet with accident ….

My bike is at service centre for a major operation ….

Suddenly near panagal park, it stopped and failed to start …

I was in big hurry to attend my friend’s wedding …. so had to park it in some parking area after cursing it.

Came back n took it some local doctors who figured out, open engine surgery required !

Dint take a chance with any unknown docs, i took it to regular family doc…. Finally figured out … total damage of the heart and needs BIG operation!  Its taking time and money to fix !

Ah … am feeling to have missed my leg and feeling extremely dull 😦

On the positive note …  had fun taking bus/ share auto / auto after long time 🙂

Hope my leg ( bike ) gets completely recharged and helps me run around faster, smoother !

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