Deepam – Light a child’s life

  • The greatest gift we can give to any child is education especially when it is deprived of it or if they are blissfully unaware.
  • Went to Deepam  last Sunday, an initiative to teach less privileged kids.
  • It was an eye opener, for i have been gravely overestimating children at school  based on those i know.
  • I know kids in school who have finished java , c++ courses or seek regarding robotics for their science projects
  • Deepam happens in a place near besant nagar to under privileged kids. They are taught MS word and bribed lots in cakes, chocolates etc for doing well. It happens here
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  • Really enjoyed teaching MS word and bringing Rajini, Ajith, Vijay to the make them understand.
  • It was fun to hear about their dreams 😉
  • I am wondering what needs to be done to kids in villages we never heard of.
  • i often dream of educational revolution where in, Govt schools are like IITs and students have to write entrance exam / statement of purpose to enter govt schools and  probability of admissions is  inversely proporstional  to finantial background. Thats the way for brighter future and development 🙂
  • Please click here DEEPAM  if you dint earlier and do join. ( atleast the groups )

2 thoughts on “Deepam – Light a child’s life

  1. Hey Balaji,

    How you doing. It’s nice to help these kids out.Have you checked out the teach india movement by TOI.
    anyways if you are wondering who this is- we met up at twitter meetup(tweetup)


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