Hey …. Here i am @ Stanford University … One of the best universities in the world. For all its name, it has lived upto its expectation ! The Campus is cool . It is extremely biggggggggggg and very easy to get lost! So i am here to attend ASES stanford summit and my stay is along with a student of stanford.

They have smartyly assigned a student for each of the delegate and have made the Stanford student host for the delegate. This means the delegate stays in the room of the student and the student takes care of the assigned delegate for all his issues from tavel, internet, information of events, places in Stanford and nearby areas. I found this idea to be cool.

So here i am staying with my host Eathen [ Not Eathen Hunt ( Tom Cruise ) of Mission Impossible series ] … He is chinese American who majors in economics with entrepreneurial ideas for future.

Almost every student i talk to have some plans of starting a venture in future at Stanford … This is the place to be!

Thats an environmental and eco system build up!





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