I am Looking for SPONSORS/ FUNDING

As you know, I have been selected to attend Stanford ASES entrepreneurship Summit ( April 6 to 12, 2008 )

Though Stanford is providing  with many facilities and arrangements, i have to take care of air travel, registration fee and personal expenses. Hence am looking for some funding from organizations / companies / start ups.

Thinking if i am asking for a “free lunch” ?
So what do the organizations/ companies / start ups get in return???

1) During the summit, i will be presenting about the Indian market, trends in business , opportunities in India and entrepreneurial activities in India. Finally, in the presentation, i will try promoting all the companies which have funded me for the trip.

2) Besides this, networking sessions all through April 6 to 12 is very handy in marketing for the companies. This will also include passing business cards / pamphlets  of companies.

3) I am also planning to come up with a T shirt with logos and links of all my sponsors. I will be wearing this T-shirt whenever possible.

4) I will also be blogging about the event and about the sponsors.

 I am sure all these will help any company to spread their wings.
 I am also open for any other promotional measure that i can do for the company.
Do ping me back with suggestions and any other specific promotional measures required !

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